Mossy Tree Stump Fairy House Sketch

Custom Fairy House

Still in the design stages, the above is just one example of a whimsical Fairy House! This piece will be custom designed just for us to serve as the centerpiece of our playground! This will be made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), which is the tough-as-nails material Landscape Structures uses to create natural rock climbers. GFRC hardens over time to deliver years of reliable fun in any environment.

Mushroom cave and steppers with net climber

Natural Play Features

We are excited to incorporate custom and nature-inspired play items to create a feeling of whimsy and exploration throughout the park. This includes the use of concrete-molded components like this mushroom climber, log balance beams, acorn seats, and more! Add in some giant sized grass blade climbers and leaf flower shade, and we have an experience of a different land for kids of all ages.

Custom floral features in an array of sizes and shapes

Custom floral features in an array of sizes and shapes

Field of Flowers

From talk tubes to shade and more, Fairy Wonderland wouldn’t be complete without flowers throughout.

Milestones to Meet

As we work towards our goals, we have set milestones to allow for fundraising to continue while construction is done in phases. This means more time to play for our families, and more time for us to raise the funds needed to create the magical playground we’re working for!

Click on the images below to read about the plans for each phase of the project.

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